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We offer the the reputation of an established, international award in the field of digital media, top-class events with international curators, artists and gallerists as well as opinion leaders in society, politics and economy. The entrance into a new up and coming art movement. Digital Art has already changed contemporary art drastically. The most influential artist of the 21st Century will not be a painter or a photographer, – it will an artist who virtuosic uses digital media and breaks new ground. The foundation for computer art was laid about 50 years ago with the first artworks created with the computer. Get to know the major pioneers before mainstream catches up. Become a Sponsor of the DAM DIGITAL ART AWARD |DDAA|,  one of the most important awards of contemporary art.

Wolf Lieser, Galerist

Please contact me directly at w(.)lieser(@)dam(.)org

Lynn Hershman Leeson exhibition at Kunsthalle Bremen

Seducing Time is the first institutional exhibition by Lynn Hershman Leeson in Germany. Focusing on the interactive works, the show will also contain photography, installation and video. Roughly 70 pieces will give an overview of 40 years of artistic creation, allowing an insight not only into her artistic development but also in the diversity of her practice. Following her interest in interaction and the relationship between memory, identity and technology, the pieces are distributed within the Kunsthalle's collection, linking master works from 600 years of art history with media art of the 21st century.

The exhibition takes place on the occasion of the 4th DAM DIGITAL ART AWARDS |DDAA|, organised by [DAM] Berlin.